Why You Need to Hire a Lawyer to Represent You in a Criminal Case

In a criminal proceeding, the degree of evidence required by law to convict a person is “guilt beyond a reasonable doubt”. This degree of proof is higher and more difficult to prove compared to “preponderance of evidence” and “substantial evidence” required in civil and administrative cases. If you check out, you will have a better understanding of what your defense lawyer can do for you in court.

It does not matter if you are the plaintiff or defendant in a criminal case; you need a reliable and seasoned lawyer to help you build your case or your defense. Without a lawyer, you can still speak for your interest, but you run the risk of getting beaten by mere technicalities. You can imagine how voluminous and tedious to read the rules of court for criminal proceedings are. If you are still not sold out to the idea of hiring a lawyer for a criminal case, check these points of contention out.

Lawyers are experts in finding damning evidence.

If you happen to visit, you can see how law firms have simplified legal jargon and procedures for you. But behind these more understandable terms are a plethora of legal terms you might have a hard time comprehending. Though anyone has the right to represent themselves in the court of law, it takes a seasoned lawyer to fight you through the case and have the same decided in your favor.

For example, you are the plaintiff in a case for Estafa, but you don’t want to commission a lawyer to help you with your legal battle. You may have some pieces of evidence to build a case, but since you have the burden of proving that the elements of Estafa, you need a damning piece of evidence to prove malice or deceit. And how do you determine the defendant’s wanton intent to prejudice you? That is something that sits at the back of a person’s mind.

If you hire a good lawyer, he can direct your path so that you can establish the other party’s intention to deceive. Perhaps you can use the checks that were issued to guarantee the loan, or the trust receipts the defendant signed after getting supplies or money from you. Life is more comfortable with a reliable lawyer representing you.

Lawyers are experts in the technicalities of the trial.

If you browse through the websites of lawyers like, you’ll understand that before your case gets raffled to a specific court, the plaintiff needs to establish that there is a probable cause to move forward with the case first.

Most people are not aware of the preliminary stages of a criminal case. What they are aware of are cases wherein the plaintiffs and defendants fight out before the judge. You see, aside from the case itself and the evidence, there are a lot of technicalities one should be aware of for his case to prosper.

For one, there is a designated time frame for serving copies of the complaint to the defendant. Aside from serving it, the plaintiff should also exhaust all means to make sure that the defendant receives it. After that, the defendant is given a certain period to draft a reply. All these things require legal knowledge to be executed properly. If you have a lawyer with you, you won’t have to worry about these technicalities.

The Final Takeaway

These are a few points you can take advantage of when you commission a lawyer. This list does not even include how a lawyer can reserve the civil aspect of the case so that when the criminal case does not prosper, you can still file a civil one. You see, a lawyer’s service may be costly, but when your life, liberty, or property is at stake, this service is worth it.

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