Top reasons why you should get custom benches

Today’s furniture buying typically involves shopping at IKEA, buying everything interesting there, having them delivered to your place, and then assembling them yourself. While it’s perfectly alright to buy affordable and aesthetically-pleasing furniture, custom-made pieces will never go out of style. There are plenty of reasons why you should have your benches specifically built for you. If you’re considering the idea of ordering benches Sydney furniture shops are customising, you’re reading the right article.

Here are the reasons why benches (and all kinds of furniture in general) are better when they are custom-made for you:

Better quality than store-bought pieces

Unlike the benches in Sydney malls and department stores, custom benches are not mass-produced. The designers, carpenters, and craftsmen allot more time in building these pieces. They will be delivered to you as finished products, eliminating the need for you to assemble then. And, since you will decide what materials will be used, you have the option of selecting high-quality materials for your bench.

Personalised designs and concepts

One of the best things about custom benches is having the freedom to personalise the design. You can choose colours and materials according to a theme or concept. That way, you won’t find benches Sydney has with the same concept as yours. You will also determine the dimension of the piece.

Unique pieces

Since it is custom-made for you, nobody else will have a similar piece of furniture. You won’t be able to find other pieces in your area with the same colour and design as yours. Your bench will stand out because of its uniqueness. Check it out at SPARK

Tailored to your space

Have you ever bought a piece of furniture, only to find out that it doesn’t fit your space? Or, do you have an oddly-shaped space in your house that makes furniture shopping difficult? Custom-made Sydney benches are tailored to fit into spaces that pre-made benches cannot.

Sustainable and cost-effective

Since custom benches aren’t mass-produced, there isn’t a splurge on the resources and materials needed to build them. You can ask the designer to procure the materials from sustainable sources. In the long run, you’ll actually get to save more money since the durable benches Sydney furniture companies make won’t require replacement.

Supports local businesses

When you get custom-made benches Sydney offers you, you’re actually supporting local businesses and helping them gain exposure. Instead of buying pieces from international multimillion companies, buy them from furniture companies in your area. You’ll be supporting Australian designers, carpenters, and craftsmen in the process.


If you want to make a difference in the environment through your benches, you can do it by customising the materials. You can use recycled glass, bamboo wood, reclaimed lumber, hemp wood, and more. Not only is it good for the environment, but it’s good for your health too, since no chemicals will be used.

Less time-consuming

Ditch the stress of flitting from store to store just to find the perfect bench. With a custom-made bench, you’ll save more time and effort since you’ll be working on your own design. No more time wasted on furniture shopping.

When it comes to creating unique and high-quality benches for streets and parks, SPARK is at the top in the Australian market. Their bespoke pieces add a touch of art to any space.

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