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These Reasons Will Finally Convince You to Listen to Your Customers

Businesses these days believe customer feedback is essential. The question is, how much do you truly value it?

Is it enough that you provide a feedback form or a customer support page? Does answering questions on social media count toward excellent customer experience?

It’s time to take feedback management to a whole new level. These will give you all the reasons why.

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  1. At Least 80% of Adults Read Online Reviews before Buying

In a 2016 Pew Research survey, about 82% of online shoppers read a review at least once before they purchase an item.

When it comes to demographics, adults between 18 and 29 years old were more likely to read these reviews. Older millennials and some Gen Xers followed.

Why does this matter? Generation Zs, millennials, and Generation Xers are some of the biggest populations. They also have a strong consumer power, but they may need some persuading to convince them to buy.

Allowing them and others to leave customer feedback can help in boosting your social proof. Each is a testament of not only the features but also the benefits of your product or service.

  1. Over 85% Trust Online Recommendations

Not only are online shoppers reading, but they also trust these reviews and recommendations. In fact, 88% of them do.

Robert Cialdini, a renowned psychologist has an excellent explanation for this. Besides proving the concept of social proof, it also shows that humans operate as “packs.”

It’s human instinct to follow the norms or what trends. The more reviews the product has, the more it becomes interesting to the market. The more positive recommendations it receives, the more it feels appealing and worth buying.

  1. Customers Want to Be Part of Your Business

Gone are the days when businesses can treat customers as commodities. Today, buyers know what they want. It includes allowing them to be part of your business’s success.

True enough, consumers played a key role in some of the successes in business in history. Research by the Institute of Management Sciences revealed that customer inputs led to 55% of the best commercial innovations.

A platform for customer feedback seems to indicate to them you are more than ready to listen to their suggestions or ideas.

Making the Most of Feedback

Here’s a question: how often do you read reviews or recommendations? How about answering them and, most of all, following through with your promises?

If your answers to both questions are sometimes or hardly, then you’re not taking advantage of consumer feedback.

One of the reasons may be the difficulty of monitoring these reviews. This is where a feedback tracking tool from can be helpful.

With it, you can read feedback in real-time and even generate visual feedback. It makes understanding the data easier. You can also present actionable tasks in a more orderly and convenient manner.

You don’t need to grow your business alone. In fact, if you want to make it more successful, count your customers as part of your team.

Visit and find out how you can get real-time customer feedback.

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Gemma Banks
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