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The Different Types of Commercial Refrigeration

Today, there are different types of commercial refrigeration in the market and some of the best options can be found here, on the website

However, with lots of options to choose from, choosing which type suits your needs the most can be challenging. And take not you need to choose wisely because it is quite an expensive investment.

In this article, we’ve compiled the main types of commercial refrigeration along with their definition to help you out in making the right decision.

Walk-in Refrigerator

This type is ideal for restaurants and other food businesses that need a lot of storage space. With a walk-in refrigerator, keeping items refrigerated is easier. Not only that, it is also energy-efficient because as you browse the shelves you can close the door behind you.

Usually, this refrigerator is located near receiving areas such as alleys and loading docks in which fresh foods are delivered regularly.

Reach-in refrigerator

A reach-in refrigerator is the most common type. Usually, their size ranges around 26-inch to 87-inch wide.

Further, these refrigerators come with adequate accessories that you can use to cool and store any food product one may think of.

Reach-in refrigerators, on the other hand, are not made to display food, that is why they are usually positioned in the kitchen and back of the shop.

Worktop refrigerator

This type of commercial refrigerator will allow you to prepare food products and at the same time store needed ingredients.

Worktops are available in different forms, in fact, this makes them one of the most versatile options. Further, this type of refrigeration comes in the form of either pizza prep tables or refrigerated prep tables. Nevertheless, it is located in a place in which cooked products need to be made.

Bar Refrigerators

Keg coolers, plate chillers, and back bar refrigerators are only a few of the many types of bar refrigerators. The vast majority of bar refrigerators are typically designed with either a stainless steel or a black vinyl interior so that the under-counter bar place will have a more sleek and efficient look.

Nevertheless, if you are looking forward to investing in this type of commercial refrigeration, you can find some of the best options on the website

Under Counter Refrigerator

This commercial refrigeration works similarly to an upright reach-in model. However, the only variance is that an under-counter refrigerator is much shorter and you can easily fit in smaller spaces.

That being said, if you’re looking for a refrigerator that only stores a few food products then this one is perfect for you.

Mini Reach-In Refrigerator

This type actually functions like the usual commercial reach-in refrigerator, but as the name implies it is a bit smaller. Despite of its small size, a mini reach-in can offer you commercial-grade and strong refrigeration power.


Aside from the above-mentioned, there are many other types of commercial refrigeration where you can choose from. Nevertheless, if you think none of the units above suit your needs, you can visit to learn more about other options.

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