This Notary Business Will Blow Your Mind Away! Learn Why

Notary services are responsible for legalising all kinds of documents. Considering the number of people who needs this in a day, it’s no surprise notary offices are always fully booked. If you’re tired of waiting days for your turn, you have come to the right place. There is a notary office near you that can cater to your needs immediately. View it now and find out where it is located.

But before you go, you need to know some of the characteristics a notary office must possess. Here are a few:

Reliable Service

This is the most important factor to consider in choosing the best notary office in town. The professionals should prove that they are eligible in legalising documents. This includes showing you their credentials and licenses.

You can do prior research as well. Ask your friends and colleagues for any recommendation on the best notary offices. This way, you are assured that the lawyers are professional and honest in their work.

Convenient location

Since most business establishments and government offices are in town, the notary business should be nearby. This way, whenever you need to legalise papers, you can readily approach the office by foot. No more complains about the traffic. You’ll get there in a few minutes.

Easy Access to Parking Space

Most notary businesses in Australia do not offer easy parking. This puts clients in a difficult position. They need to look for a safe place to leave their car. If the city is packed with tourists, it’s almost impossible to find one.

Which is why it pays off to choose a notary office that offers a free parking space for clients. This way, you can eliminate some of your stressors for the day. If you’re looking for a notary office that offers parking spaces for clients, view it now and avail its services.

Friendly Service

This is a vital factor to choosing a notary office. Some personnel show no regard for the feelings of clients. If I were you, I don’t want to go to an office where I can hear demeaning words. I prefer to work with someone who can understand my needs.

Remember, you need each other to make things work efficiently. You should work as a team to fulfil both of your objectives. Being friendly is a choice. But as public servants, it is their obligation to treat clients with respect and equality.

Competitive Prices

Some notary businesses offer unreasonably high prices for legalising documents. I know you have other financial obligations. So, you shouldn’t put up with overpriced services.

Look for a notary office that provides competitive prices to help you save more. This will allow you to allocate more budget to other financial needs. If you’re looking for a legalising officer that offers fair prices to services, view it now and find out more.

Finding a notary office that meets the criterion above seems like a mission impossible. But what if I told you there is an office in Brisbane that showcases all of these characteristics? Mind-blowing, isn’t it?

Check it out now and get your files legalised as soon as possible. For more information, visit and experience the best notary service in town!


Have You Been Charged with Online Solicitation of a Minor?

Probably the most surprising fact about being charged with online solicitation of a minor is that people can be charged with this offense even if they had never been in physical contact with the child. As a matter of fact, a lot of charges get racked up as a result of sting operations conducted by the police. The people that get arrested during these operations never come into contact with an actual child, since the police often use websites or mobile apps to lure suspects.

Be that as it may, getting charged with online solicitation of a minor is a serious problem that calls for immediate legal assistance. But how exactly can a lawyer help someone who was charged with this offense? What are the legal defenses that can possibly be used to help in this case?

Understanding the crime

The online solicitation of a minor is widely considered as a serious sex crime throughout the United States. As mentioned above, a person charged with this offense does not even have to have contact with a minor. The law basically states that for the crime to be committed, a person aged 17 years or older must have intentionally communicated with a minor in a sexually explicit manner, and/or has sent sexually explicit materials to a minor.

Now, that communication may occur via the internet, or through text messaging, phone calls, email, or any other similar electronic communication methods. This includes websites, of course. Another important point is that the person being accused of the crime must believe that the person they are communicating with is a minor under 17 years of age.

What to do if you’ve been accused

Not all persons accused of this crime are guilty in any way whatsoever. As a matter of fact, hundreds of people get falsely accused of this offense every year (perhaps more). Oftentimes, this happens during highly aggressive sting operations that were conducted by federal or state authorities. Moreover, there is always the chance that the operations conducted by the police could consist of entrapment.

Similarly, it should be noted that there are also those who have been falsely accused of such crimes as “aggravated sexual assault of a child” or “super-aggravated sexual assault of a child”. In situations like these, there is always the possibility of it being a case of mistaken identity, the accuser not telling the whole truth, etc.

Regardless of whether or not a person is guilty or not, his first step should be seeking the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. We’re not going to lie to you – this crime is pretty serious and will be difficult to defend against. However, hope is not lost for the accused, since a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer with a solid team behind him will be able to provide a legal defense that can produce the best and most viable results.

Remember: you are innocent until proven guilty

Look for a defense attorney that will follow the concept of “innocent until proven guilty” and who never judges the client based on whatever crime was charged against him. Sexual crimes like these, even those involving an “improper student/teacher relationship”, will naturally be a most trying time for the accused and his loved ones. A lawyer worth his salt will know to treat his clients with respect and dignity all throughout.

Experience, knowledge, and skill is always the best combination that any attorney needs to mount a successful defense for his client. If ever you’re in need of legal assistance, look for Paul Schiffer at Set up a meeting with him and see how he can help you.


How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help You in a Criminal and Civil Case

There are always two parties involved in every case. In criminal cases, there is a plaintiff filing a lawsuit against a defendant. In civil cases, there’s the petitioner filing a civil suit against a respondent. Car accidents can both be a criminal and civil offense. The damage caused by the said accident appropriately calls for a civil case. However, it can escalate into a criminal offense if it involves a hit and run, driving under the influence, and reckless driving. In either case, whether you are the petitioner, plaintiff, respondent, or defendant you need to hire a car accident lawyer.

Car Accident Lawyer

What can a car accident lawyer do for the plaintiff/petitioner?

If you are the one who is filing a case against another person, your lawyer can help you determine what particular criminal or civil lawsuit to file, or whether or not you will reserve the civil aspect of the crime for filing later on. Usually, when you file a criminal case, the civil aspect is automatically absorbed. Meaning to say, if you fail to prove the guilt of the other party beyond a reasonable doubt, you can no longer file a civil case based on the same causes of action.

However, if you reserve the civil aspect to be filed in a separate and later case, if you can’t prove the criminal guilt, you can still file an action for damages. The civil litigation has a lower degree of evidence required — a preponderance of evidence. Meaning, you may fail to put the accused to jail through the criminal case, but you still have the chance to let him pay for the damages through a conviction in a civil case.

Aside from these, your lawyer can also help you ensure that all elements of the crime exist in your case and that you have enough evidence to prove these elements. For example, you will be filing a lawsuit for reckless driving. The elements of reckless driving include willful driving, inherently dangerous driving speed, or a speed that’s dangerous to the public. Your lawyer will help you find pieces of damning evidence to establish each of these elements. Check it out at Scholle Law

What can a car accident lawyer do for the defendant/respondent?

Since the plaintiff/petitioner has the burden of proving all the elements of the case exist, your task will depend on the accusations contained in the affidavit complaint. In this case, your lawyer will be responsible for building a defense based on the allegations. In the majority of cases, the best personal injury attorney will first fight to prove the innocence of his client. However, in cases wherein the accused wants to submit a guilty plea, your lawyer has the role of finding mitigating circumstances to lower the penalty or sentence.

In certain crimes wherein the accused has been caught “in flagrante delicto,” the personal injury attorney must find justifying circumstances to clear his client of any criminal liability. The same thing goes with civil cases. The lawyer will be responsible for building a defense.

Aside from fighting the case by its merits, the lawyer is also responsible for making sure that the rules of court are followed. Meaning to say, he needs to make sure that services of summons have been properly executed, that his client was given an ample opportunity to meet his accuser and be also given a day in court to defend himself.

The Takeaway

It does not matter if the car accident involves a minor misdemeanor or a major offense. A seasoned and reliable lawyer can help you build a case or prove your innocence. On top of it all, if you are looking for a medical malpractice lawyer, visit for more details.


Why You Need to Hire a Lawyer to Represent You in a Criminal Case

In a criminal proceeding, the degree of evidence required by law to convict a person is “guilt beyond a reasonable doubt”. This degree of proof is higher and more difficult to prove compared to “preponderance of evidence” and “substantial evidence” required in civil and administrative cases. If you check out, you will have a better understanding of what your defense lawyer can do for you in court.

It does not matter if you are the plaintiff or defendant in a criminal case; you need a reliable and seasoned lawyer to help you build your case or your defense. Without a lawyer, you can still speak for your interest, but you run the risk of getting beaten by mere technicalities. You can imagine how voluminous and tedious to read the rules of court for criminal proceedings are. If you are still not sold out to the idea of hiring a lawyer for a criminal case, check these points of contention out.

Lawyers are experts in finding damning evidence.

If you happen to visit, you can see how law firms have simplified legal jargon and procedures for you. But behind these more understandable terms are a plethora of legal terms you might have a hard time comprehending. Though anyone has the right to represent themselves in the court of law, it takes a seasoned lawyer to fight you through the case and have the same decided in your favor.

For example, you are the plaintiff in a case for Estafa, but you don’t want to commission a lawyer to help you with your legal battle. You may have some pieces of evidence to build a case, but since you have the burden of proving that the elements of Estafa, you need a damning piece of evidence to prove malice or deceit. And how do you determine the defendant’s wanton intent to prejudice you? That is something that sits at the back of a person’s mind.

If you hire a good lawyer, he can direct your path so that you can establish the other party’s intention to deceive. Perhaps you can use the checks that were issued to guarantee the loan, or the trust receipts the defendant signed after getting supplies or money from you. Life is more comfortable with a reliable lawyer representing you.

Lawyers are experts in the technicalities of the trial.

If you browse through the websites of lawyers like, you’ll understand that before your case gets raffled to a specific court, the plaintiff needs to establish that there is a probable cause to move forward with the case first.

Most people are not aware of the preliminary stages of a criminal case. What they are aware of are cases wherein the plaintiffs and defendants fight out before the judge. You see, aside from the case itself and the evidence, there are a lot of technicalities one should be aware of for his case to prosper.

For one, there is a designated time frame for serving copies of the complaint to the defendant. Aside from serving it, the plaintiff should also exhaust all means to make sure that the defendant receives it. After that, the defendant is given a certain period to draft a reply. All these things require legal knowledge to be executed properly. If you have a lawyer with you, you won’t have to worry about these technicalities.

The Final Takeaway

These are a few points you can take advantage of when you commission a lawyer. This list does not even include how a lawyer can reserve the civil aspect of the case so that when the criminal case does not prosper, you can still file a civil one. You see, a lawyer’s service may be costly, but when your life, liberty, or property is at stake, this service is worth it.